Star Ambassadors

Star Ambassadors


Star Ambassadors

World Outgames’ Star Ambassadors consists of an exciting mix of opinion makers, societally engaged people and personalities from the cultural world.  For instance all the former, presently living Ministers of Culture from the past twenty-five years have chosen to be members.  They stand shoulder to shoulder with some of Denmark’s most influential artists, authors, musicians, actors, film directors, DJs, social activists, business leaders and – last but not least – a bishop of the Danish National Church.

Meet our Star Ambassadors

These are knowledgeable and wise people who – across age, profession, ethnicity, sexual orientation and political positions – all stand behind the World Outgames. Their support is more than just symbolic:  the vast majority of the ambassadors have committed to actively helping through such activities as providing professional sparring for the Outgames’ Secretariat, serving as a “door-opener” to various companies and institutions, or leading one of the upcoming “Star Moments”.

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Each month the Outgames Secretariat will enrich the starry sky over Copenhagen with yet another two stars. These Star Moments may be anything from an inspirational presentation to a cultural experience or a political debate. The purpose of these arrangements is to support dialog, understanding and human relationships in the Outgames’ host city - and at the same time provide you with some festive and thoughtprovoking experiences.  All events are free unless otherwise specified.

The support by the members of the Ambassadors is a critical component in making the Outgames in Copenhagen an event that will set a sharp focus on tolerance, cultural diversity and personal freedom.

This focus is not just on these aspects of life in Denmark, but rather on their meaning in the entire world, and thus the World Outgames will be a both living and lively manifestation and interpretation of the first article of the UN Declaration of Human Rights, which reads:
 All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.

Or, as we say at the Outgames:
Love of Freedom – Freedom to Love!

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