The tournament will be divided into 4 levels/divisions for both men and women:

•    Level A: Advanced/professional players
•    Level B: Advanced recreational players
•    Level C: Recreational players
•    Level D: Beginners

The tournament will consist of a preliminary round robin and a championship knockout round.

Preliminary round

In the preliminary round, players will be assigned to small groups or pools in which each player competes once with every other player. The results of these matches determine the seedings for the following knockout round.

Championship round

In the championship round, players are paired according to their seedings, with winners advancing toward the finals and losers playing consolation.

All matches are best of 3 games to nine points (European scoring). The finals will be best of 5. Most participants can expect to play a minimum of 5 matches. Depending on the number of competitors, World Outgames 2009 reserves the right to move players between levels to ensure a fair competition.