Country Western Dance

Country Western Dance

Competitions will be held in the following three categories of varying divisions:

  • Couples Dance
  • Individual Line Dance
  • Team Dance

There will be a preliminary and a final round in each division.

Open Divisions for Couples:

  • Division I:   Championship
  • Division II:  Advanced
  • Division III: Intermediate
  • Division IV: Beginner
  • Division V:  Novice

PRO-AM Divisions for Couples:

  • PA-I:  Advanced
  • PA-II: Intermediate
  • PA-III: Beginner

Dances for Couples:

  • Division I: 2-step, Waltz and Solo Performance
  • Division II: 2-Step, Waltz, choice of Swing Dance & choice of Rhythm Dance
  • Division III: 2-Step, Waltz, choice of Swing 
  • Division IV: 2-Step and Waltz
  • Division V:  2-Step and Waltz
  • PA-I: 2-Step, Waltz, choice of Swing Dance & choice of Rhythm Dance
  • PA-II: 2-Step, Waltz, choice of Swing Dance
  • PA-III: 2-Step and Waltz

Divisions for Individual Line Dance:

  • Division I: Advanced
  • Division II: Intermediate 
  • Division III: Beginner

Three dances will be offered in each division.

Divisions for Team Dancers - five categories:

  • Solo Dance Routine
  • Line Dance Routing
  • Couple Dance Routine
  • Medley Dance Routine
  • Open Dance Routine

Teams may perform in all categories.

Warm Up
Opportunity to warm up two hours before the competition

Cowboyhats: Optional. Western style boots and western style clothes.

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