Sports Program View the sports program here or click on the image.

Print a copy for use in Copenhagen, as this will not be handed out.

The sport schedule can be seen on the schedule page. Print a copy and bring it to Copenhagen.

You will need to be in good shape to enter any of the competitions in Sports Aerobics, Fitness Teams or the Individual Trophy competition.

Sports Aerobics is the sport for the advanced and highly skilled athlete, who must show aerobic, artistic and technical skills. Are you competing now or have you competed before? Join us for this fantastic competition! You will need to perform a 2-minute choreography to music of your own choice, demonstrating strength, flexibility, creativity and the finest showmanship.

If you would like to compete in a group, you should participate in the competition for Fitness Teams, Step Teams or Hip Hop Teams. A team consists of 5-8 participants, performing a 2-minute, high-energy routine with challenging and innovative choreography, demonstrating a variety of moves, styles and musical interpretation. The team must perform the routine with the same technical level for all participants on the team. This competition is hugely popular with audiences!

See an example of a team competition from Eurogames 2008 in Barcelona on YouTube.

In the Individual Trophy competition, you will follow an international presenter in a high/low master class. You will be judged on your ability to follow instructions, your physical condition, and technical skills. Grab your T-shirt and tights, and get ready to go! You won’t have to prepare anything!

For the Sports Aerobics and Fitness Teams competitions, you need to register as a World Outgames participant. The Individual Trophy competition will be held as a workshop, open to everyone but you must register as a workshop participant to take part. Information on how to do this will be announced later this year.

If you have any questions about aerobics, you are welcome to contact us at .

Social Event
A social event is organised on July 30th after the team competitions. Participants are invited by the organisers.

Workshops for free
World Outgames Aerobic Trophy at 5 pm at DGI byen.
World Outgames Step Trophy at 6 pm at DGI byen.

A series of fitness and exercise workshops are offered during the World Outgames week.

SAS, Official airline of World Outgames 2009
Hivos, Dutch non-govermental organisation
Danish Year of Sport
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