Why we sponsor Outgames

Why we sponsor Outgames


Why we sponsor Outgames

SASLars Bording, Sales and Marketing Director, SAS: "World Outgames 2009 is a significant identity project for the City of Copenhagen that puts tolerence and diversity first on the agenda. The outgames will be a huge event that we expect will be a great benefit to SAS".

hivosEPaul Jansen, Program Officer LGBT rights, Hivos
: "Hivos has decided to continue and increase our support to truly global LGBT events, like the Copenhagen World Outgames 2009. Hivos supports specifically the Human Rights conference and the outreach programme of the Outgames. Through its support to the conference and outreach programme, Hivos can offer the LGBT activists from the Global South and East a platform for presentations, discussions and statements. It is needed to reach our common goal: equality, dignity and rights for LGBT people, everywhere".

IBMKim Østrup, External Relations Executive, IBM Nordic: "IBM wants to reaffirm its commitment to diversity and human rights.  We want our employees, our customers and the world to know that for us at IBM, diversity among our employees, along with confidence and respect, strengthens our innvovation and contributes to better solutions for our customers. This is why we have chosen to support World Outgames".

primetimeLise Westphal, Managing Partner, PrimeTime Kommunikation A/S:
"With its focus on cultural diversity and tolerance, World Outgames 2009 will be one of the most significant events held in Denmark in many years. We hope our expertise in communications and media relations, will help promote a new awareness of Denmark and the Danes - both at home and abroad".

dp logoStephanie K. Blackwood, co-founder/client services director: “The World Outgames is unique among all LGBT events, creating deep connections between attendees and participants from every corner of the gay world through friendly sports competition, shared cultural experiences and critical discussions about LGBTQI human rights. As Double Platinum seeks to develop values-based relationships between corporations and LGBT people, we focus on events—like the World Outgames--that embody diversity, respect and cooperation. Whether in the workplace or marketplace, these values drive trust, which is at the core of any meaningful relationship”.

pollogo_30Poul Skøtt, Sales and Marketing Director, Politiken:
"World Outgames is an exceptional and noteworthy event that reflects Politikens values and fits in well with our strategy of supporting large-scale sporting and cultural events in Copenhagen".

Tuborgfondet20Peter Moe Rasmussen, Director,The Tuborg Foundation:
"We have chosen to support the OutCities cultural programme during World Outgames 2009 because it will add an extra dimension of excitement and activity for both World Outgames participants, other tourists and the citizens of Copenhagen".