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Become a sponsor


World Outgames Sponsorship Thinking

As a sponsor and partner platform, World Outgames is far more than a classical sports or cultural event.

World Outgames is a bold manifestation of alternative lifestyles, spotlighting important issues such as tolerance, diversity, and generosity. It is a unique opportunity for partner companies to leverage sponsorship exposure from a truly value-based communication platform.

Today, companies needs to take a stand and make a move. It is no longer enough to tell the story about the brand and its unique selling points. Companies need to act and to actively engage in good causes and projects that make a difference. A difference for their target audience.

World Outgames can meet several needs of partnering companies:

  • Building Social Responsibility Capital. World Outgames 2009 is an important identity project for the City of Copenhagen. The municipality of Copenhagen definitely wants to tell a positive story about the city and its citizens. It supports the vision of Copenhagen as a tolerant and inclusive city encouraging diversity regardless of ethnicity, age, gender or sexuality. Companies affiliated with World Outgames take on that same task along with the City of Copenhagen and its inhabitants. 
  • Employer Branding. The possibility of attracting new groups of employees as an equal opportunity employer. Creating an image of pro diversity and tolerance. The homosexual segment may not, in and of itself, be an interesting or significant audience for broader oriented or global companies. But as an exponent or statement for the companies’ diversity policy, a partnership with World Outgames supports an inclusive strategy and, thus, attracts the interest of new groups of well qualified employees. Furthermore, it can help break down internal barriers for minorities. It is all about finding the right person for the right position!
  • Sales. The spending power of homosexuals as DINKs (Double Income No Kids) is only a part of the picture. The whole truth is that World Outgames 2009 will be a “window” to the global homosexual group and therefore can be used as a marketing and sales window for products and services that seriously work with the needs of this audience. Is it a market (segment) or a movement? Several studies point out that homosexuals are extremely loyal to the brands and companies that embrace their causes and take them seriously. This supports the thinking of homosexuals as being a cross border movement rather than a classical segment. 
  • Incubator. On the back of World Outgames, new or established companies can use the event to build new business initiatives. The organisation behind the games represents a serious and diverse capital of competent knowledge about homosexuals, which on a consultant basis can be used for developing longstanding business platforms before, during and after the event.
  • Company Health Programme. World Outgames represents three types of health: Health of the body with our sports programme, emotional health with our cultural programme and intellectual health with our human rights conference. We encourage partner companies to involve as many of their employees as possible in World Outgames’ three programmes as volunteers or participants. We can even help our partners set up detailed health and activation programmes for employees locally (with a third partner) to increase employee pride and satisfaction.

The World Outgames sponsorship elements

World Outgames sponsorship programme is built upon 3 major headlines:

  • Branding and visibility. Branding in World Outgames campaigns in Denmark and internationally. Among others it includes outdoor, print, TV, web and mobile platforms, visibility at the event etc. 
  • Marketing rights. Use of World Outgames logo and identity, integration in company sales and marketing programme, sale/sampling at event (streets, venues, squares etc.), promo-spots at events, own company section on event website, event photos and text on company website, integration in company CSR programme, formulation of HR diversity policy, employer participation programme, evaluation report and other related marketing activities. 
  • Hospitality. VIP and ordinary tickets for the opening/closing ceremony, tickets for high profile cultural events, tickets for gala dinner, fieldtrip to Eurogames 2008 in Barcelona (or other relevant LGBT event), company related camps at the event (sports or culture).

Sponsorship packages

Strategic Sponsors: DKK 1.2 million+ (approx. Euro 160,000)
World Outgames is open for a maximum of 8 Strategic Sponsors. This package includes full branding in World Outgames national and international campaigns, title sponsorship of one sports or cultural event, category exclusivity, legio marketing opportunities and extended hospitality programme.

Official partners: DKK 250,000+ (approx. Euro 33,000)
Limited visibility, title sponsorship of one sport or cultural event or area, web integration, limited marketing opportunities and hospitality programme.

Sponsors/suppliers: DKK 50,000+ (approx. Euro 6,700)
Web integration and limited hospitality programme.

Business Partners: DKK 100,000+ (approx. Euro 13,300)
Exploiting common business opportunities and revenue. No sponsor rights.

Conference Partners: DKK 50,000+ (approx. Euro 6,700)
Branding around and participation in World Outgames Human Rights Conference.

Media Partnerships: Negotiated individually.
Includes both national and international media (print, radio, TV and web).

SAS, Official airline of World Outgames 2009
Hivos, Dutch non-govermental organisation
Danish Year of Sport
Politiken, leading Danish newspaper
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