Fundraising for the Outreach program

Fundraising for the Outreach program

Fundraising party in Beijing

Fundraising Odd Games

Three Danes in Beijing have taken the initiative to organise a fundraising party in Beijing in order to raise funds for (some of) the many Chinese, who do not have funds to travel to Copenhagen and join the World Outgames 2009.

Date and location for the party has not yet been decided upon, but most of the program is.

After a short presentation of the Outgames and the purpose of the party, the night will consist of a fashion show with Danish models dressed in clothes and accessories donated by Danish designers. After the show, the clothes will be sold on an auction.

Besides, there will be lotteries, where the guests can win prizes donated by local businesses. The rest of the night, the visitors can dance to house music provided by local DJs. Visuals, made especially for this event, will be flown in from Danish VJ udart.