Will there be hosted housing during the World Outgames?

Yes, we are planning a hosted housing program. Please visit our website regularly for information updates and specific details.

Will I be able to participate in both the sports, conference and cultural programs?

Yes, it will be possible to register as a participant in as many program activities as you can fit in your schedule during the World Outgames 2009. We will do everything to make the total program as flexible as possible.

I would like to play a team sport, but am not a member of an organized team. Can I register?

There will be an open registration for all team sports. Individual registrants who are not on a participating team will be assigned to a mixed team compiled by our secretariat. We will let you know who is on the team before you arrive, so that you will have the opportunity to communicate with new team member before you meet in Copenhagen.

Can I bring my best friend?

You can bring all of your friends! Copenhagen offers a lot of opportunities for tourists, and your friends are welcome to cheer you on during the sporting events or meet you in the Outgames Village when you have finished your daily activities.

Are heterosexuals allowed to participate in the World Outgames?

Yes heterosexuals are allowed to participate. The World Outgames welcomes participants regardless of their sexual orientation, race, nationality or religious affiliation.

Is Copenhagen very expensive?

The selection of goods and services in Copenhagen is varied with offerings for every taste and budget. So if you've got a lot to spend, you can spend it quite easily. But if you are on a budget, you can still live the high life.

Is it safe to be out in Copenhagen?

Copenhagen is probably one of the safest cities in the world. The people here are very tolerant and you can generally move around freely and without concern.

Can I get by with English?

Nearly all Danes speak English fluently. So you don't need to learn Danish. But hej hej (hi hi) means hello and good-bye. That's always good to know.

Is it safe to drink water from the tap?

Yes. Tap water is safe. Although bottled water has become quite popular.

What is the currency?

Although Denmark is a member of the European Union, the Danish Kroner remains the coin of the realm. Check for exchange rates. ATM's or cash points are located all over town. And credit cards are accepted nearly every where including in taxis.

Find a currency converter here.

How far is it to Sweden?

Malmö, Sweden is just a little more than a half an hour from the center of Copenhagen by train. Trains run regularly from Copenhagen Central Station 24 hours a day. It's great day trip or over night stay.

Is a passport needed for the trip from Copenhagen to Malmö?

You should always carry your passport with you for identification when travelling to Sweden.

Is it easy to get around in Copenhagen?

Copenhagen is quite a compact city and most attractions and events during the World Outgames will be either within walking distance of the city center or conveniently reached by public transportation - buses, the metro and train. Bicycles are also popular and available for a reasonable rent or free at certain locations.

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