Jennifer McCreath - diversity in action

Jennifer McCreath - diversity in action

29. January 2009
When Jennifer McCreath from Newfoundland in Canada lines up to begin the marathon at World Outgames 2009, it will be a testament to the true diversity of sport. Jennifer is a transwoman in the process of transitioning and will compete in a 3rd gender category for athletes in transition.
According to IOC rules, transgender athletes must wait two years after genital replacement surgery to compete as either a male or female, effectively sidelining transgender athletes in transition. World Outgames 2009 is adding the 3rd gender category for athletes in transition to individual sports events like the marathon and triathlon, in which all athletes are in principal competing against the clock.

This is good news for Jennifer.

“I don’t run marathons because I want to beat others,” said Jennifer. “I run marathons because I want to compete against myself.”

And there is also an important political message to be sent. “I also run marathons because I want to show the world that transwoman are highly capable and competent people who are able to achieve greatness both in athletics and in life in general.”

Although slowed down since having her orchidectomy (testicle removal) surgery and beginning estrogen therapy, Jennifer hopes to put forth a great effort in the the Marathon and the 1500m freestyle swim.

“I think the concept of the World Outgames is great and I look forward to being a part of the festivities in Copenhagen this summer,” Said Jennifer.

For more information about World Outgames gender identify policy, please visit our website.
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