Mr. Leather Europe helps out

17. December 2008 / Volunteers

Among the many who have signed up to volunteer for World Outgames 2009 is the recently crowned Mr. Leather Europe, Ralf Lauritzen Rasmussen.

Outgames reaches early volunteer targets

13. December 2008 / Volunteers

With seven months to go before the opening ceremony, nearly 1,000 men and women have already signed on as volunteers for World Outgames 2009. Many of them are already hard at work with administration, communications and fund raising projects.

Holiday bingo to support Outreach

20. November 2008 / Volunteers

Danish film and television star Peter Mygind and the World Outgames Volunteers host a festive round of Christmas Bingo on Wednesday, 3 December 2008, at La Oficina on Suomisvej 4 in Frederiksberg.

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Strategic Partners
SAS, Official airline of World Outgames 2009
Hivos, Dutch non-govermental organisation