Women's Network

Women's Network


Women's Network at World Outgames 2009

The aim of the Women's Network is not to create a particular niche for women at World Outgames. On the contrary, we want to ensure that women as well as men are included on equal terms throughout the whole project: We are all going to have a great Outgames - regardless of gender.

Involving a large number of active women from Denmark, as well as from the international LGBT community, is one way of ensuring that World Outgames is truly an inclusive event with equality among women, men and all genders in between.

As many women all over the world have experienced, LGBT events like this often attract far more men than women, and in many cases offer more activities specifically targeted at men more than women.

In Copenhagen 2009 we will try to change this picture. Help us by letting us know what will make World Outgames an event for YOU.

Please write your ideas and suggestions to: . Please also download and fill out our questionaire.

The members of the Women’s Network have different backgrounds in the fields of sport, culture as well as the LGBT community.

Strategic Partners
SAS, Official airline of World Outgames 2009
Hivos, Dutch non-govermental organisation