2nd International Conference

2nd International Conference


World Outgames 2nd International Conference on LGBT Human Rights

The conference will be held in Copenhagen from 27 - 29 July 2009.

The name of the conference “Love of Freedom – Freedom to Love” summarises what it is all about: the love for the freedom that allows us our love life, our sexuality and our gender identity without fear or discrimination or criminalisation. Under this banner, the overall goal of the conference is to reaffirm and defend the human right of every LGBT person in the world to participate fully, equally and openly in every part of life.

Size and Scope

About 1000 delegates from around the world are expected to participate in the 3-day conference, which will be part of World Outgames in 2009. The conference will be held at the new and spectacular Danish Broadcasting Corporation concert hall and the program will include a wide range of high-profile international keynote speakers. The conference venue has a capacity for up to 90 workshops. There will also be space and time on site for informal meetings, networking, sharing resources and experiences.

Plenary Sessions and Workshops

Conference participants will be offered five plenary sessions, featuring a number of internationally renowned keynote speakers, and will be able to choose from up to 90 workshops which will deal with the many aspects of the ten conference themes: Human Rights and Politics; Education; Sport; Family and Relationships; Out for Business; LGBT History; Culture and Media; Workers Out; Health; Sexuality, Pleasure and Body Politics. But there is also a focus on Mainstreaming since LGTB people are not a homogeneous group.

Sharing our Resources - Creating Change

All over the world, thousands of LGBT activists, researchers and NGOs work every day to advance LGTB people’s human rights. Without the brave work of all these people, we would not be making progress and creating actual change for the local and global LGBT community. The conference will have a clear focus on good practices and will provide a platform for activists, researchers, NGOs and others to share the strategies and initiatives that have proven useful in advancing LGBT human rights around the world.

Copenhagen Catalogue of Good Practices

We also encourage you to help us collect good practices - concrete initiatives that make a positive difference for LGBT people in your region, in your organisation, at your workplace, in your children’s schools, in your country etc. In the fall of 2008 we will open the call for good practices on our website. The conference will mark the finalization of the Copenhagen Catalogue of Good Practices - a collation of good practices to remind us of the progress we have made so far and send us home with new ideas and new resources. 

Let’s meet in Copenhagen!

We sincerely hope for your support and participation. Let’s make the ”Love of Freedom – Freedom to Love” conference in Copenhagen a truly great occasion and the next landmark in our fight for full equality for LGBT people around the world!

Strategic Partners
SAS, Official airline of World Outgames 2009
Hivos, Dutch non-govermental organisation