Ritt Bjerregaard, Lord Mayor of Copenhagen

Ritt_BjerregaardRitt is a leading advocate for human rights. Her illustrious political career includes service in the Danish parliament and in the Government, where she has served as Minister of Education and Minister of Social Services. She has also been a Commissioner in the European Union.

Ritt says: "World Outgames is a great opportunity to underline the values that we are very proud of here in Copenhagen. We are proud of being a tolerant and liberal people, who have the courage to do things in a different way. World Outgames is exactly the kind of event that showcases these values. Moreover, World Outgames is also an opportunity to create a party, which makes the city more lively".

Lars Bernhard Jørgensen, CEO of Wonderful Copenhagen

Lars_BernhardLars is a tireless spokesman for the city’s rich cultural heritage and traditions. As the CEO of Wonderful Copenhagen, Lars was instrumental in bringing the World Outgames to Copenhagen in 2009. Lars was among the first to realize the positive potential impact of the World Outgames on both the citizens and guests of Copenhagen.

Before assuming the leadership position at Wonderful Copenhagen, Lars was Head of Division at the Danish Ministry of Finance and private assistant to the Prime Minister . He also served as Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Danish Ministry of Business and Industry.

Lars says: "World Outgames will strengthen Copenhagen’s reputation as a warm and welcoming metropolis. I personally look forward to seeing the city blossom with people from all over the world participating in sports events, cultural happenings, the conference or just enjoying the wealth of attractions available in the historic Danish capital".

Brian Mikkelsen, Danish Minister of Culture

Brian_MikkelsenBrian Mikkelsen has been Minister of Culture since 2001 and a member of the Danish Parliament, Folketinget, since 1994. As Minister of Culture, Brian Mikkelsen has been pivotal in making 2009 the Danish Year of Sports, during which the World Outgames is one of the marquee events.

Brian says: "Combining sports with cultural activities and a human rights conference, World Outgames 2009 is an ideal platform from which to highlight the many aspects of our creativity and quality of life that make Denmark a desirable destination for tourists and students, as well as an attractive partner in the global economy".

Read Brian Mikkelsens letter of support for World Outgames.

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