RAW 2009

Saturday August 1

RAW is Scandinavia's leading clubbing event. Held each year in August in Copenhagen, RAW is more than a party: it is the one night where all clubbers unite, from mainstream to underground, to revel in light and sound, and to celebrate the diversity of clubbing.

RAW was unleashed for the first time in 2004, and each year, it has grown bigger, more beautiful and ever more popular. RAW now glimmers as the central event on the Nordic club culture horizon: with seven arenas boasting the best DJs and live acts in genres such as House, Techno, Electro, Chill-Out, Drum n Bass, Hip Hop and much more. 

This year, RAW is held for the first time ever at the unique giant site Docken in magical Copenhagen harbour and is guaranteed to be the best clubbing experience in Scandinavia this year.

The legendary Outdoor Sunrise Arena at RAW is this year hosted by World Outgames, London Calling and club kid celebrity Jean von Baden. The theme is crazy-hot Maritime Madness and the line-up is sure to make your boat rock with Ibiza House superstar Paul Woolford, hyper-hyper Electro king Jean von Baden and rough-and-sweet Mashup mistress Djuna Barnes at the steering wheel.

On the six other scenes you can journey through all aspects of top-notch clubbing extravaganza: 
On the gigantic Ministry of Sound Arena, get down to the sounds of leading House DJs of the world;
on the bouncy Arena 2, check out the best Danish rappers and the Reggae-infused sounds of J*Star (UK);
on the Chill Arena, catch your breath to the versatile vibes of Music for Dreams and Fagget Fairys;
on the Techno arena, get rough with Matthew Johnson from down under Australia;
on the Dubstep / Drum’n’Bass arena, dive deep into pirate-infested seas of bass with DJ Friction (UK) and Joker (UK);
and on arena 5, mingle with young diamonds in the rough, bringing you experimental sounds of the streets.

RAW2009 is a must for all clubbers, rave kids and fashionistas.

It’s time – RAW 2009!

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Venue: Docken, Faergehavnsvej 35, 2100 Copenhagen O
Opening Hours: 20.00 - 07.00
Price: 250 DKK (World Outgames participants & holders of a Visitor pass 220 DKK)
All prices are subject to and administrative and a credit card fee.

To buy tickets

Use this link to buy a ticket at the normal price. When you get in to the ticket system you need to search for "RAW".

Use this link to get a ticket at the special reduced price. This price is valid for World Outgames participants as well as holders of a visitor pass.

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