Group Booking

Group Booking


Please fill out this form Groupbooking and forward to The group/teamleader will receive a confirmation from BDP.

If you wish to make any changes after the complete rooming list has been sent to BDP. Please also use this form: Changeform


Change of hotel, number of nights or dates: DKK 200.

Changes can also be made through the link you will receive from BDP Congress when you have completed your registration. These changes will not be charged a booking fee.


The credit card information you provide will, with regards to accommodation, be used towards the hotel as well as to BDP to guarantee your room reservation. The credit card will be charged for the first night when the registration is completed. The remaining nights must be paid no later than 90 days prior to the arrival date by logging in to your registration with the link provided by BDP. In case of no-show, arrival after the reserved date or departure before the reserved date and cancellation, BDP or the hotel may charge your credit card with the amount corresponding to the full stay requested. Carefully study the terms and cancellations fees below before booking your accommodation.

Notification of changes and cancellation must be made in writing and mailed, faxed, or e-mailed to the BDP. An administration fee will be charged depending on the date the change or cancellation is received by BDP.

Please study the hotel cancellation dates on BDP reserves the right to charge for the full stay according to the hotels’ terms and conditions. If BDP or the hotel is able to re-sell the reservation, the full amount deducted a fee of DKK 200 will be refunded. Reimbursement will be settled after 7 August 2009. All cancellations or changes must be send in writing to or faxed to +45 3345 4515

Credit cannot be given for late arrivals or early departure.

For more information about the prices and availability of hotel rooms or how to book your accommodation, please proceed to the registration after 20 April 2008.


E-mail: Phone: + 45 33 45 45 45
Fax: + 45 33 45 45 15


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