Good Practices

Good Practices


Copenhagen Catalogue of Good Practices
– You do what you can where you can!

The overall aim of the World Outgames Conference on LGBT Human Rights is to inspire and empower all participating LGBT activists and their allies across borders to take action and join forces. One way of doing this will be to collect and highlight a series of good practices, initiatives and projects that have improved the lives of LGBT people at a local, national or regional/international level.

It is the town-by-town, country-by-country efforts of millions of LGBT activists and our allies that make up the global movement dedicated to eliminating violence and discrimination. All the small as well as the large-scale projects in various cultural and social contexts lead to global change for the better – You do what you can – where you can!

The Copenhagen Catalogue of Good Practices will include a collation of 20 good examples and practices to remind us of the progress we have made so far and send us home inspired and with new inspiration, resources and empowerment. The Danish Institute for Human Rights (DIHR) has agreed to coordinate the production of the Copenhagen Catalogue of Good Practices and facilitate the selection of good practices based on some specific criteria formulated by the International Advisory Group.

The criteria?

Catalouge_fullSee the Copenhagen Catalogue - it is possible to download it

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